If you follow me on Instagram (@loisbaguio), and wonder what apps am I using to grade my photos, here's a post where I list all of the applications that I use to edit & grade my photos on all of my social media. I only use 6 photo editing apps which are all available on iOS & Android, and 2 camera apps. 

The latest version of Instagram provides you with a lot of filters (sometimes I used Ludwig) and settings in which you can edit the highlights and shadows, brightness and contrast, warmth and saturation and etc (lux is my favorite).

Default Camera
The default camera that came with the phone is awesome for continuous shot and video. 

Google Camera
I like using Google camera because it prevents camera shake and I can control the settings better than the default camera app that came with the phone. 

This app is my latest purchase but I don't use it that often because it is best used if your photos are high-res. My favorite presets are coal, crest, captain, olive, whim, lume, russ, dallas, schude, idaho, brook, hedge, equinox, row, thorn, elm, cave and moon

The photo that I edited in this app got hundreds of likes and comments on Instagram (see photo here), some even reposted and used it as an icon. I think this won't work on most of your portrait shots but best used on landscapes. 

This app is my all time favorite, I purchased all of the presets except for The Contemporary Collection and New Modern. I use this app to grade pretty much every photo that I take. My favorite presets are 01, 03, 10, A6, C7, E3, F1, G3,  HB1, HB2, J1, K1, M5, S2, S3, SE3, X3 and X6. 

I use this to remove clutter on the floor or dusts on the table using the clone tool. I also use this to add overlays on my photos, I click add photo then change the opacity to Add or Darken depending to the color of the overlay.

Photo Grid
Obviously, I use this to make collages. 


  1. thank you for this post!
    finally I have a clear idea on what apps
    to download to make my phone photography better.

    Ms. Kei


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