Black & White Moody (Limited Collection) - B5
A little disclaimer here, these are the top vsco filters for me, (emphasis on "for me" please haha), especially that I don't have any background when it comes to photography except for watching multiple video tutorials on youtube haha. The photos below and above are graded with different presets from different collections. (yes, the filters are so awesome, I bought every collection haha. in case you're wondering, yes, I'm broke now haha) I'm sorry I cannot provide the before photos :( The down side of vsco is that it eats too much memory on my phone and ipad, so I always delete the photo after I've imported it to my gallery. 

Chromatic Collection C6

The Chromatic Collection (C4-C9)
C4, C6, C7
These are my favorite filters to use when the skies dominate the photo.

The Minimalist Collection - A8

 The Minimalist Collection (J1 - J6 & A7 - A10)
A7, A8, A10, J2, J6

I haven't really used the J-series that much but I love the A-series, I like light and cooler tones. It relaxes my nerves. chos haha

The Minimalist Collection - A7

Chromatic Collection C7

Chromatic Collection C6

Black & White Classic (Limited Collection) - B1

Limited Collection (B1 - B6, C1 - C3, F1 - F3, G1 - G3, K1 - K3, M1 - M6, P1 - P9, S1 - S6, T1 - T3, X1 - X6) 
B1, C3, G3, M5, P5, S2, T1

Obviously, this is the most expensive collection but I kid you not, this my most used collection. If you're wondering what soft grunge people on insta use to grade their photos, most of the time it's S2 or S3

Portraits (Limited Collection) - G3

The Essence / Archetype Collection E5

The Essence / Archetype Collection (E1 - E8)
E1, E3, E5, E8

See how much I love cool-tones? haha We're one notch away from the Twilight series. 

The Essence / Archetype Collection E8

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