If you read my What's in my bag: University Edition (read here), soon means tonight haha. My everyday bag is a simple black-drawstring-bucket bag from Yellow Booth :)) Please notice my huge love for drawstring bags haha my university bag is also a drawstring-rucksack :D 

(left to right; top to bottom)
  1. my disgusting Cath Kidston wallet + random keychains 
  2. a huge tumbler because I ALWAYS, ALWAYS get thirsty. 
  3. umbrella, for the annoying-unpredictable weather of Manila.
  4. a notebook for drafting blog post, a planner for scheduling drafted posts.
  5. my ipad mini
  6. 2 nail polishes (in white satin and touch of beige)
  7. powerbank 
  8. makeup bag
  9. ziploc to shelter the annoying wires for tech stuff haha
  10. powerbank
  11. digital camera 
  12. phone

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