Summer vacay flies so fast this year, next thing I'll know, it's time to enroll for sophomore year. But anyway, here's a list of my favorite things for the month of April :)

  • ELF lip stain and gloss in Fashionista - My lips are really pale so this adds the right amount of tint to my lips. 
  • Caronia nail polishes in First Crush (lilac) and On The Go (teal) - look mum, adding colors to my nails and wardrobe. 

Tech & Apps
  • Criminal Case - I do not have any games on my phone and I only have 3 games on my iPad, Criminal Case, PvZ2 and Candy Crush. Though I only play Criminal Case and PvZ2, my mum is the one who plays Candy Crush. 
  • uLink Messenger - I super love love love this app, I usually don't load my sim because I am too lazy to go out and load it (also I don't have anyone to text most of the time). But when things go out of hand and I have to text someone, this is my go to app if the person I'll be messaging is offline. This app allows you to text someone for free but you do need wifi to send messages.  

  • How To Get Away with Murder and iZombie - I am in love with mystery/drama series right now. This is the second time that I watched HTGAWM because I read some spoilers for the second season and I can't seem to remember some of the flashbacks. 

  • The Neighbourhood & Vampire Weekend - These are two of my old loves, currently filling up some new tunes so if you know some bands, link me up below :) I am obsessed with The Neighbourhood's cover of Cry Me A Rive/Say My Name, it's just sooooooo so good. 
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