Again, I am really really really sorry because there will be a shortage of posts for the next few weeks I am currently cameraless, tripodless, and laptopless hahhahaha. Took this photos with my iPad and editing/writing this on my phone. Nonetheless, here are some of the clothes I hoarded collectively from the last week of March to April. Can not wait to wear and style these awesome pieces :)

The first two dress from the left are from Dresslink, they are kind enough to send me some items. Honestly, they are a little small for me, just a little bit and the fabric quite sheer. They will be my fitspiration (oh crap haha). The tie dye dress was from our local night market. Can you believe that I got this for only 85php (2+$)?! Everything is cheap there, I can't imagine not going there every other Saturday. So many good finds, so many cheap things. It's a little bit short for a dress even though I'm only 5'4" short. Nothing a tights/stockings can't fix :) 

left | right 

The blouse from the right is from ZNU, I also got a hair chalk from them but that got ruined probably from the shipping handling, it almost ruined the blouse. It got purple stain all over it from the chalk. Washed it two times and it looks fresh now. It is sheer so I'll have to layer it. The two-piece set is from Dresslink again, this is so beautiful. But again it's a little small for me. I'll recommend sizing up because it's an asian site (even though i am an asian too lol) some pieces best fit petite people (which I am not). 

I went a little bit crazy again at our night market, I got these shirts for only 50php (1$+) per piece. I got 3 graphic white shirts, 7 shirts (even though there are only 6 above because I am currently wearing the khaki colored one) of the same design but different colors because I am adding colors to my wardrobe because all I wear at school are black or white graphic shirts. Look how brave I am buying neon yellow and pink shirts haha. Even though these shirts are super cheap, the fabric are almost the same as those shirts from AĆ©ropostale.

I also got a new wallet because my older wallet doesn't fit my phone. This one has the perfect fit for my phone. I got the wallet and fedora from Dresslink, bought these with my own money because it's just really cheap there. 

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