In this tutorial, I am going to share to you a little trick to maintain the color of your jewelries so they won't stain and to prevent tarnishing. There are only two main things that you will need in this tutorial, a colorless (not natural) nail polish and your jewelry. This tutorial works in any sort of a metal accessory or even a hardware of a bag. 

Now if you know me, I do not wear any accessories 90% of the time, you'll only see a hair tie wrapped on my wrist. Wearing jewelry annoys me if I wear them for more than 3 hours because I do get sweaty easily. I don't have super luxurious jewelries, I only have jewelries from small boutiques, and the ones that online shops sent me for promotional purposes.

I don't like having green stains on my skin so to keep the color intact to the jewelry, I put a nice coat of a colorless nail polish on every surface of the item. It won't stain your skin anymore and it will keep its color. I only do this twice, the moment that I buy/get the jewelry and every 6 months. 
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