And no summer, you're not on my list haha, not now, not ever. I hate summer, I hate the feeling of having to sweat all the time and of course, mosquito bites everywhere. I just want to have a partly cloudy and windy weather. 

  • Wallet - really digging the shade of pink it has and finally got a wallet that has the perfect size for my phone and some other crap I put inside my wallets. 
  • Sandals - have been using these for everyday and I'm ecstatic that I got for a really cheap price because it was on sale for 50% off. Finding the right sandals like these is a real struggle for me because I have a super wide girth.

Tech & Apps
  • Snapchat - and yes, I already hit 320 posts on my first and a half month of using this app. This is so addictive, apparently, open your snapchat app and scan the photo above using your phone camera and it will automatically lead you to my account! Follow me: loisbaguio hihi xx 
  • iPad cover - last tuesday (the 30th) I dropped my ipad on the garage, on the hard-coarse ground because I was carrying my laptop, phone, sandals and ipad with only one hand. Surprisingly enough, there were no dents, scratches nor screen cracks. Thank Khristine she gave me this case <3 

  • Flipping Vegas - I am seriously addicted to this show. strong word: addicted
  • Tiny House Nation - Also currently loving this series because it inspires me so much, especially we live in a small flat. haha (Zack's quite hot too haha)

  • Catfish and the Bottlemen - I first heard them play on Radio 1's Live Lounge playing Kanye's Black Skinhead. Literally fall in love on how they mash up songs but the whole song still makes sense. Also love their album, The Balcony. 
  • Halsey - I saw her profile on Instagram and checked her music out and fell in love with her style of singing.

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