I have spent my summer vacation by watching Youtubers all day, everyday haha (what a way to make the most of your vacation Lois, kudos). I am sharing my top 5 youtubers, it's been a tough decision because there's a ton of them but here are the channels that made it to the top 5 and some notable mentions haha 

Even before he started daily vlogging, I always get excited everytime he publishes a new movie, I love it how he always bumps into famous celebrities (Rob Pattinson, Justin Bieber, JLo and One Direction to name a few) and yet he always talks to them like how he talks to normal people. Not a single fck was given. My favorite film of his is the "Life Explained in 27 Seconds" video, it is straight to the point and the shortest - yet the most motivational video I've ever seen. 

This tandem is one of the most adorable and most hilarious youtubers I've stumbled upon. haha My favorite collab video of them is their the "Japan Haul" where they shared their randomest purchases (including an Attack on Titan fragrance/perfume and air from Mount Fuji haha) from their Japan trip.

Dan creates videos about his awkward moments, some of my favorite videos of his are “Dan reacts to his old videos”, "Our list of most awkward moments (with Louise)”, “Existential Crisis” and “Cringe Attack” (a wild repressed memory appears! Haha). 


Same with Dan, he shares his awkward moments, funny and witty cooking/baking tutorials, and his childhood experiences. My favorite series from his channel is the “Why I was a Weird Kid” series. I relate to some but not the “Reason why I was an only child is because I was a demon child” part in which I find super hilarious haha.


Her videos are so darn hilarious but if you don't like videos with heavy swearing (I think in her case, swearing is fine because it's nothing personal and it's just a joke), her videos are not for you. Her 3 dogs, Peach, Kermit, and Marbles, are so adorable especially when Jenna carries Peach or Kermit like a baby haha. Some of my favorite videos of her are “What Does a Girl’s ____ Means” series, and the Kylie Jenner Lip Tutorial. 

Bunny Meyer or commonly known as grav3yardgirl, is the the most energetic and most optimistic person on YouTube that I've ever stumbled upon. She shares her reviews about As Seen on TV products, beauty products and fashion. Her Jeffrey Campbell shoe collection is literally goals. Some of my favorite videos of hers are her thrift hauls because she always finds the most amazing pieces like camouflage jackets and a Vera Wang gown.


Claire Marshall, Caspar Lee, Pewdiepie, Troye Sivan, Karen Yeung, Will Darbyshire, Amy Lee, Claudia Sulewski, and Sammi Maria

Any youtubers that didn't make it on the list? Tell me and recommend some below :D

Youtube art by the talented Veronica from Deviantart

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