I use my phone's camera to capture most of my instagram photos. For today, I am going to share the things I do to get "good" shots out of my 8mp phone camera. The default camera app that my phone comes with sucks, so I downloaded Google camera (which is free) so I can get more control over my phone. 

Clean/Wipe Lens
The first thing I do before opening the camera app is to wipe my lens with my shirt. It removes dirt, dusts, grease, and/or fingerprints. It makes a huge difference, makes the image more crisps and less blurry.

Avoid Camera Shake
Put you elbows on your waist/side to get stability, or my favorite thing to do, get your selfiestick, remove the phone mount and move it to your tripod. Timer is your bestfriend. 

The Rule of Thirds 
Place points of interest on the intersections or along the lines so that your photo becomes more balanced. To enable grid on your phone (ios) go to Settings > Photo & Camera > Grid (android - Google Camera) Open the App > Click the 3 dots > Click the Tic Tac Toe look alike 

Black & White Filter
If you have a cluttered/distracting background or the lighting sucks, add a black & white/greyscale filter and then tweak the brightness and contrast on your editor.

Set Focus & Adjust Exposure
Just simply tap the object/person's face to set focus and blur unwanted crap. On ios, tap to focus and swipe upwards to increase/brighten exposure, swipe down to decrease/darken exposure. 

Leading Lines 
It helps you create more depth and dimension which draws the viewer into the image.

Don't use Zoom & Shoot from different angles/perspectives
Get as close as possible, crop later. It's always a good idea to invest time to get that picture perfect shot. Shoot multiple images from different angles or perspectives until you get your lucky shot. 
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