Out of the blue, I suddenly felt the urge to change my blog layout. My blog is powered by Blogger (Blogspot) and I really don't like the default settings hence I customized bits of the layout. The structure is still the same but I added a marble texture on my header so it will be less boring haha. It took me 14 hours of non-stop tweaking (lol no, with water breaks and with the help of distractions, probably 12-13 hours haha) but before hand, I did a checklist of things to accomplish so that I'll be on a smooth process. 

Things to do to make your blog look less like a Blogger (Blogspot) site: (note: heavy use of the word "customized" haha)
  1. Use a readable font
  2. If  you want to use a sidebar, put it on the right side
  3. Have an organized content layout 
  4. Have a customized widget titles
  5. Have a customized Pager Section (Previous post, Home, Next post)
  6. Have a customized Share this post section
  7. Have a customized Popular Posts widget
  8. Have less widgets 
  9. Have a white space
  10. Have a uniform photo width on your blog posts (still on a process because I do it manually haha)
  11. Add an About Me page
  12. Add a customized social media icons + links
  13. Add a customized Favicon
  14. Add a customized Pin it button 
  15. Add a customized back to top button
  16. Remove the border and padding of photos on your blog posts
  17. Remove the Navbar by Blogger
  18. Remove post footer knick-knacks 
  19. Remove the "Subscribe to Posts (Atom)" link 
  20. Remove the Attribution widget
With the help of my junior high computer science notebook and some tutorials online, I've manage to do these things on my own haha. If you have any inquiries or any such thing, just comment down below. :)
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