I've been using an editorial calendar for probably 6 or 7 months now and it made it possible for me to blog 6 times a week and to monitor everything that relates to my blog. I like writing down my thoughts on a paper than typing it on my iPad or laptop. For this post, I am going to share everything that I write on my blog calendar and planner.

My "planner" is just regular notebook and I divided the pages into sections. I don't like buying expensive planners because I am an "OC" person when it comes to notes, I rip pages off when I did something wrong even though I own a "Frixion" pen (it's a pen that works like a pencil, you can erase the ink) but through time, it fades and my notebook has brown pages. 

Here are the sections that I keep on my planner (please pardon my penmanship, it's not the greatest haha): 
  • A section for drafting blog posts because I always draft posts on paper and when I feel satisfied, I transfer it to computer. 

  • A section for blog post topics so I won't run out of ideas and have a long hiatus
  • A section for mail reminders and schedules so I can remember to go to customs if someone sent me gifts or packages for reviews. 

  • A page for blog series reminders because I always forgot when is a certain series is scheduled at. 
  • A page for money balance which is divided into 5 columns (date, bank account, paypal, wallet and total) because I have a target balance, so I can come with my mother when she goes travelling inside the country. My parents always told us to save our own money so we can buy something whatever or go somewhere whereever we want. We were never spoiled by our parents, if we have something expensive, it's either we bought it for ourselves, it's been gifted by friends/relatives or it's fake haha.

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