June is the fastest month of 2015 so far, everything's just going way too fast and I ain't complaining. Let's just fast forward to graduation because uni gives me so much stress I can't even. For the record uni, you're not included on the list haha Still don't have any fashion and beauty favorites for the month because I only wear a tshirt + jean pants + birks ensemble (aka laziest outfit ever) and I don't wear makeup to uni anymore. 

  • I have been watching sci-fi classics and horror/suspense movies lately and I'm loving it. When I was 7 or 8 years old, the only movie that freaked me out for weeks or even months was the movie Stay Alive. I recently watched Star Wars series for the first time believe it or not and rewatched it a few times with my father and cousin.  I also watched Insidious 3, Lazarus Effect, It Follows and more. 

  • Paramore and Banks - I don't know why but one I found myself singing Anklebiters out of nowhere and that's the start of me listening to Paramore's self-titled album again. I've been playing Part II nonstop everyday, my sister is getting annoyed already haha. I haven't listened to every song on the album yet but I am trying to memorize Goddess, Brain, Beggin' for Thread and Drowning. 

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