After weeks, it's finally back lol. Can you believe it, it's already June! After 3 months of vacation, I have to go back to school on Monday. Definitely not excited about meeting new professors and projects. The only thing I'm looking up to is meeting my friends aka endless chikahan, to annoy some of my blockmates hehe, and scholarship allowance (keeping it real haha). Anyways, here are the things I've been up to lately.

  • Catching up with my highschool friends. I have like 3 sets of friends okay, 2 from highschool and 1 from college. Let me explain why I have 2 sets of friends from highschool. I have my first set from junior high but when we reach senior high, I was the only one separated from them because I chose Robotics as an elective and they chose Natural Science. My second set is from senior high haha. 
  • Ice skating for the first time and end up falling twice lol 
  • iZombie marathon, JUSTICE FOR LOWELL TRACY Huhuhuhu
  • Studio Ghibli marathon, I rewatched most of the movies last Wednesday, it's been almost 4 years since I have watched the movies. I am still in love with Howl haha don't judge me. 
  • I have two majors this coming semester, Ad Arts and Production and Ad Conceptualization and Copy Writing, not to mention that I also have a computer class in software packages (probably about multimedia arts etc) and I know my 3 year old laptop won't be able to keep up with all this shit I'll be dealing this semester. Time for an upgrade, it's also nice to see something you bought for yourself (lol my brother sponsored like 30-40% of the price haha) 
  • My phone is finally fixed, I am don't know what happened to it but every time I open some apps, it will crash and the next day I tried to open my phone, it will go to the recovery mode every single time. But it's fixed now, I feel such a grown up, I've manage to keep the receipts of my gadgets inside my wallet. haha
  • Plants vs Zombie 2 update, I waited months for the update and they added a new world with only like 16 levels. I need moreeee okay haha.
  • It was my grandmother's birthday yesterday and we celebrated it. I got to be with my cousins and we did a Star Wars marathon for the nth time haha. 

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