I had the most obnoxious roller coaster of feelings this week and boy it was a hell of a ride. Semester officially started this week and luckily, I got up on time (read my post about Body Clock here lol).

  • I had the longest 30 minutes of my life during the opening ceremony, as usual, officials had their unnecessary long speeches and oh God, the flag ceremony. I got to catch up with my college friends, didn't see them since March. We talked about our favorite shows, especially Eat Bulaga's Problem Solving lol DDD, A Dose of my Own Medicine. Since we have classes 4 times a day, we will only get too see the show twice a week. 
  • On my way home that day, there was this heavy drop of rain, zero visibility and it even flooded. Half of my body was drenched in rain water, 
  • I still managed to go to uni on Tuesday but my body is rejecting everything, I had classes from 9am to 1:30pm straight and I was not feeling good. All I were thinking about was about getting home as soon as possible. As soon as our Ecology prof got out of the door, I told my friend "tara na, uwi na tayo, huwag na tayo makigpag-socialize sa iba" (let's go home already, let's not socialize with others anymore) lol I think some of my friends heard that, I didn't mean it in a wrong way but I swear I feel super nauseous, I feel like throwing up.
  • My mom said that I have a weak immune system, anemia + period = total weakness wtffff haha. I have a mild claustrophobia, I feel suffocated everytime I'm in a tight or close space. If you ever see me in jeepneys, especially on rush hours, it's either I'll sleep or I'll close my eyes for a minute or two every now and then. I am having a silent panic attack and that's my way of fighting it. 
  • My mom told me to skip classes last Wednesday because my body temperature reached 39 degrees. Since Tuesday night, I've been drinking 4 tablets three times a day plus a spray for my tonsilitis (shit does tastes awful).  Luckily, I don't have classes every Thursdays so I only missed 2 classes. 
  • I did nothing for the last 3 days but to watch Dan and Phil Games on Youtube and EB Problem Solving montages haha.

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