Adjustment week is sadly over which means professors will finally start lessons. So far so good, I love most of my subjects this semester. I can feel know that this semester is going to be a very tiring semester as we are in charge in organizing some department events. For now, I'm going to watch movies as much as I can and enjoy my idle time haha. 

  • I am the happiest kid in our class when our computer class professor told us that she wants to change our schedule, I don't like our current schedule because it's hard to find transportation during rush hour and the traffic is pretty horrendous. 
  • Math class is not that hard, though it gets confusing sometimes. 
  • Watched Insidious 3, Jurassic World and San Andreas this week, I am wowed by Insidious 3. I did not expect anything from it, there were less jumpscares which is good, and it was really thrilling. 
  • 6 hours in uni can be stressful but I have these friends who always cracks everything up which makes everything so much fun.  
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