Hooray for attending only 2 days of classes instead of 4 this week haha. 5 days of long-weekend for me and I haven't done any schoolworks. Productivity, please hit me in the face really hard haha. The only thing I have done this week is going to clinic for my medical clearance and surprise surprise... I'm anemic. That explains why I was the weakest person last last week because it was THAT day of the month if you know what I mean. 

  • I just recently watched Planes (2013) and it was really really inspiring. It is just another underdog movie but everything was so well put and the story is just total amazeballs. I would really recommend it (word of the day: really)
  • I am addicted to Paramore's Let The Flames Begin x Part II live performance, it is such powerful and nerve-racking performance. 
  • I went our lola's place yesterday and we had a lot of chit chats together with my aunties, good times with Baguios haha. I'll be going back tomorrow because we need to give lolo a visit at the cemetery because it's his birthday. 
  • I hate public transportation but I have no choice. There's too much traffic and pollution. 
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