All this time, I have been calling all types of checkered prints, well, "checkered". Apparently, there are numbers of different types of checkered prints/patterns available in the market. You might have encountered some of them already such as button-up shirts, handkerchiefs, ties, and etc. Today, we will classify them. 

Left to right:
  1. Tartan - usually seen scottish kilts and button-up shirts 
  2. Glen Check - usually seen in men's coats
  3. Madras - usually seen handkerchiefs 
  4. Houndstooth - usually seen in skirts and coats 
  5. Pin Check - is like a polka dot print but with cubes instead of dots.

Left to right:
  1. Gingham - usually seen in picnic blankets 
  2. Shepherd's Check - this print reminds me of a school uniform I wore when I was in elementary.
  3. Tattersall - usually seen in button-up shirts and handkerchiefs
  4. Windowpane Check - usually seen in button-up shirts 
  5. Graph Check - usually seen in button-up shirts 

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