All of us will have that totally boring day, it is natural but it is avoidable. Here is a list 50 things, both productive and useless things to do when you are bored. 

  1. Go to museums 
  2. Go to parks 
  3. Go on a roadtrip
  4. Take photos of the nature/strangers
  5. Annoy your siblings/friends
  6. Chat about random things with your friends
  7. Remodel your room
  8. Clean/fix your wardrobe
  9. Clean your room
  10. Sort photo albums
  11. Draw
  12. Paint
  13. Bake 
  14. Play music 
  15. Memorize songs
  16. Eat
  17. Shop
  18. Swim
  19. Workout
  20. Sleep
  21. Cuddle with your pet/s
  22. Take a walk with your pet/s 
  23. Groom your pet/s
  24. Water plants/flowers
  25. Play old video games
  26. Play word games
  27. Stalk someone online
  28. Make a list of whatever you feel like making a list of
  29. Manicure/pedicure
  30. Pamper on a spa
  31. Practice putting makeup on
  32. Have a self-produced photoshoot
  33. Learn how to tie a tie
  34. Learn how to tie a bowtie
  35. Watch people do their thing
  36. Rewatch an old favorite TV series
  37. Watch old movies
  38. Watch Youtube videos
  39. Watch TED talks 
  40. Watch/read conspiracies
  41. Read novels
  42. Read mythologies
  43. Read your old blog posts/diary (cringe)
  44. Make a blog
  45. Tweak your blog interface
  46. Check your mails
  47. Write a song
  48. Update your social media details
  49. Check out some of the newly released music
  50. Have an existential crisis (What is the meaning of life) *jk

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