I've been missing in action for a week now and I have reasons...

I've been finding the right words for this post for days now because I really find it hard to express my feelings lately. To cut the story short... I will be on a hiatus for a month or two because of the following reasons:

I feel the total opposite of this quote from Madeline Poole when she did a portion on Sophia Amoruso's book #GirlBoss. I feel like I am making myself feel that I am obligated to blog like 5 to 6 times a week. Maybe the saying "Quality is more important than quantity" is right. I have to make thing slow and be on my niche's (whatever it will be) track. 

I am having a personal style/design identity crisis which affects my blog (oh lakas maka Jude Reads lang oh, blog identity crisis haha) I need to sort things out and have to stop blogging for a time. Hypocrite alert, I've been posting Blogging 101 episodes but I don't actually follow some of them. I think I need to omit other blog series in order to find my true niche. I like this and I like that but this and that are opposite things; I like them both but there's no in-between. You feel me? 

Who knew, after all the things I've done, my blockmates will still trust me (bwisit Lois, nagpagtripan ka lang haha don't flatter yourself lol) and vote me as 1/2 of project head for our department's Christmas party (I don't even know the details, I don't even know what to do HELP huhu) 2D, when I said "Bahala kayo" I meant "Bahala kayo magrisk sa akin" haha

I've been back to reading books since last week and I promise to read more, it may help me gather more ideas. I've been listening to newly released tunes and picking up photos to put on my mood board to help me focus. I am also saving money for a new blogging gear aka new camera (I don't want to use stock photos anymore) and memory space haha.

Here's what's coming next if ever...:
  • probably a new layout with new color palette
  • probably a new blog title
  • hopefully a niche
  • better visual graphics
  • better contexts

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