The weather here is quite bipolar already and the wind is getting cooler. I'd take rain over heat but there's a typhoon so that's a no-no.  

  • After class last Monday, I went to my grandmother's house; there I met up with my family. We then went to the cemetery to celebrate our grandfather's birthday. It was really fun catching up with my cousins especially the small talks about music and movies. 
  • I just watched Phineas and Ferb's Last Day of Summer and though the story was not that big like other special episodes, my heart skipped a beat when I found out that Thomas Sangster (Newt of The Maze Runner and Jojen of Game of Thrones) voiced Ferb. wth after 7 years of watching P&F.
  • After weeks of waiting for scholarship, the list finally came out. FINALLY. <3
  • Swimming class, oh swimming class. It has been 7 years since I have had a swimming class. Totally forgot everything I learned haha. Water + chlorine, I took a bath three times because my skin got itchy. 
  • My dad named the stray cat that's been living on our garage "Ew" because it's been screaming "eww eww eww" for the long time already. 

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