Two storms in just one week. Wow, just wow. Who goes to the mall after classes got suspended haha. Last Monday, after the classes got suspended around 10 in the morning, we went straight to the mall and that's the start of splurge week haha. Comment down below if you want to see my end-of-season sale haul haha. 

  • Monday, every morning scenario but with an unpleasant weather, I had a hard time looking for transportation and I had no choice but to use the more expensive choice which is 2x the fee because I'm already an hour late so I really need to reach uni as soon as possible. But hey, as soon as I've reached our room. The professor's nowhere to found, it's always like that, whenever I come to class late, it's either the prof's late too or he/she is absent. An hour after I reached uni, the bell rung which means the classes are already suspended and we decided we'd go straight to the mall. We ate lunch and noticed that most of the brands are on sale but most pieces are still expensive and we almost gave up until we reached H&M. HOLY SHIT THE PRICES ARE SO CHEAP. I've never expected anything until Darwin and I saw a pair of tights for only 50 pesos instead of 500. My first thought about the tights is "Who, in their right mind, would buy tights for 500php?" bla bla bla. We looked for shoes and HOLY SHIT AGAIN. My jaw dropped when I saw a high-heeled boots for only 300php I got every shoe that I saw under the price of 500php. Don't judge me but it was my first time to buy brand-new branded things for myself because all of my branded clothes/accessories are gifts or something that I got from a thrift shop. Spending huge amount of money on material things aren't my thing. I got 5 pairs of boots for myself for only 1,100php instead of 11,850php, such a steal! haha
  • Tuesday, the weather's better than yesterday, we had classes and guess what, we went to another mall after class because H&M's end-of-season sale is just that good. I got 2 more shoes for myself for only 500php instead of 3980php. Night time, I told my mom that I wish that classes would be suspended because the rain is pouring non-stop and I don't want to go to uni (there's also a math test that I have to take lol).
  • Wednesday, thank God classes were suspended early. The moment I woke up and my mom told me that classes are suspended, I went back to sleep right away. 
  • Thursday, since I don't have classes every Thursdays and local government already announced that classes for Friday are also suspended, I decided to go to my grandmother's to give a pair of boots to my cousin. 
  • Friday, my mom fetched me and we went to the mall again to return two doll shoes that I got her because I got the wrong size (I got a pair with size 7 and another with size 9, to my surprise when I got home, she told me that she's size 8 so none of them fit her haha). 
  • Saturday, here I am today, writing this post, drafting and scheduling posts for this week because I will be at my grandmother's again to spend the long weekend (there's no wifi there haha). 
That's the lengthiest LATL but I hope everyone's safe and sound. Stay dry. x

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