Another lengthy LatL :)

  • Sunday, just when I just bought phone accessories, like earphones and tripod mount and just when I decided to go back Instagramming    my phone decided to give up. Apps started crashing, the keyboard and home button do not work anymore. I am so pissed because I just got it fixed like a month ago and it's just 10 months old for fcks sake. I was just planning to buy an oven and a new dslr because Canon's having an up to 70% off sale this weekend (currently writing this post before heading off to Eton Centris) and hopefully 750D's included on the list *fingers crossed*. So many things to buy, so little money. *deep sigh. Also, I am planning to get a Lenovo A916, let me know if it's a good idea, if not, suggest something else. I am after the back camera, the screen size and the affordability of course. Guess I'll have to work my ass off and save 500% more this month. On the bright side, my desktop's finally fixed lol, here's to faster system which means productivity. 
  • Monday, I checked up on the international concerts lists and I stumbled upon Sheppard's and dang it is really cheap. I also saw other bands that I love but then again, I don't have enough money for 3 concerts on August (Imagine Dragons, Passion Pit & Zedd) but on the good side, Sheppard will only cost me 105php and Walk The Moon will have FREE concerts courtesy of Ayala Malls hihi I heart Ayala Malls. 
  • Tuesday, I don't know why I was so sleepy that day, computer prof ditched our class and I fell asleep twice during ecology class wtfff thank God I didn't fail the quiz after the reports lol. I went to two different malls because the mall nearest to uni only have 1 ticket left for Sheppard's concert so I went to the other mall which is quite near home and I got 2 more for a friend and my cousin. 
  • Wednesday, we had our math test which is due last week but there were class suspensions last week hence we just took it this week, I did not review the lessons that well, I just memorized all of the formula because I thought I was so bad-ass (ironically) lol. The first minutes were a blur, my mind was blocking every information that I need, luckily, moments after, I've gathered all of my shit together and finally started solving. I finished everything, hopefully I got most of it right. *fingers crossed*
  • Thursday, I spent the day with my titas at my lola's house because my cousins still have classes. 
  • Friday, woke up early because we have to go to our auntie's first death anniversary. I got to see my other cousins whom I haven't seen for a long time and they organized a miss gay pageant. It was really fun but we didn't get to finish it because it was really late and we have to go home.
  • Saturday, my tita and I went to Eton Centris because Canon's having a sale and I wanted to buy an EOS 600D. We went there probably 10 in the morning because I thought the stall was inside the mall and to my surprise, it was like a bazaar and there are a lot of people already, we were number 159. It was so strange that when we asked a Canon staff if how many 600D stocks are there, he said that there were no 600D delivered for the store. Another staff called the persons whose numbers are 1-12. Minutes after, the same staff announced that there are no more EOS 1100D, EOS 100D, and EOS M stocks which probably means that someone from that bracket hoarded the items. A customer approached a staff and said that they should limit 1 item per person because they only released limited stocks. It is a waste of everybody's time, effort and transportation money. 

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