If you've stuck around my blog for quite some time now, you've probably already know how much I adore this country. My love for Germany started in 5th grade world history class, I was so interested in that class I got a grade of 93 point blabla (which is rare for history class haha). *true story meme* Many successful companies with high reputation came from Germany and I want to experience their culture and know more about their history maybe I will be successful too haha. Here are the things that I would love to do and experience when time comes and I'd be able to afford the expenses haha.


Berlin has so much too offer, from museums to parks to architectural attractions like palaces. There's the Berlin wall that divided the East Berlin and the West Berlin for 28 years (1961 - 1989). Also the Brandenburg Gate, where Napoleon Bonaparte stole the statue of Quadriga      a depiction of the goddess of victory driving a chariot pulled by four horses      which is on top of the gate. One thing that's on top of the actual list is visiting the Topography of Terror. It gives more information about the rise and fall of the Nazi terror. 

Still in Berlin, the Museum Island, it is where the best of both worlds of history and art collides. It is a complex consisting of 5 museums      Pergamon, Bode, Neues, Alte Nationalgalerie and Altes Museums. The Good thing is that the Berlin Cathedral is just a 7-minute walk away (according to Google lol) from the complex. Charlottenburg Palace, I just want to see face to face what it's like to live in such a crazy-luxurious palace. 


If ever there'd be an extra time and cash, my first stop would be in Marienplatz for food hopping and shopping. BMW Museum in Munich, Mercedez-Benz and Porsche Museum in Stuttgurt, the way the museum's buildings look makes it more exciting.


I've seen the animation about the history behind LEGO and that really inspired me a lot. If you want to watch it, click here. It's a 17-minute long animation but it's worth watching. Good thing Gunzburg is just between Munich and Stuttgurt. (Lego is not a German company though, it's Danish haha)

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