My family and I recently found ourselves that we've been buying things online a lot to the point that one should stay in our house because a package will arrive. One shop that we've been buying on a lot is Lazada, it is the leading online shopping site in the country. I just find it more practical, cheaper and easier if I buy something on a site that's warehouse is inside the country because customs sucks here in Philippines, you have to pay handling fees and let's just say the employees aren't morning (even afternoon) people. When you order on international sites, sometimes shipping fees are more expensive than the actual item you're getting and most of the time (at least for me) shipping takes so long, I forgot I actually bought something.

I've bought most of my gadgets from Lazada, phone, iPad, powerbank, etc., because I find it cheaper because I don't have to pay for shipping fee (when the price is more than 1k) versus me buying on malls, where in I have to pay my transportation, I have to pay for my food/snack if ever I get hungry, and other unnecessary things I might stumble upon and end up buying it. When I've stumbled upon ShopBack’s ad on my Facebook feed, I took a leap of faith hoping it won't be a scam, and ordered my current phone on Lazada through ShopBack for 4.0% cashback. If you're wondering how ShopBack works, ShopBack gets commission from our favourite shops and split this commission with us as a cashback. If that's still not clear enough, you can read how ShopBack works here. I've recently bought my Nova 2 in 1 hairstyler and a lip product on Lazada through ShopBack. After you've made a purchase through ShopBack, you'll receive an email like so. I also got this Nova 2-in-1 hairstylers, it's really cheap but it works, if you want an in-depth review, let me know. :)

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Though I haven't made a cashout yet because you need at least P300.01. I am pretty sure that I will soon through Paypal because my mom recently made a purchase through ShopBack and I get to keep the cashback haha. There are countless shops online, whether you like shopping on international shops or local, there are many shops available. Click here to look at popular merchants on ShopBack!

Disclaimer: ShopBack invited me to try their site and products; ideas, views and opinions are 100% true and mine.  Links are not affiliated nor monetized.

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