I decided that I am going to keep this series, also decided to keep on schedule but yesterday, Saturday, was one of those days where my mom decided that we can use it and it's not just there, mounted on the wall for display purposes only haha. Since our desktop is in our living room, and it was like 92 degrees out (based from snapchat) I decided to stay in my room and watch Emma Blackery's videos. 

My senior high friends and I went out to celebrate Khristine and Japheth's birthdays, we had brunch at Banapple, watched Paper Towns (better late than never) and ate ice cream at Cold Stone. Also, I've renewed my domain registration in advance, it is set to expire on October 1st but decided to pay for another year in advance because why not. 

I saw my old facebook profile (can you believe that I had 3 facebook accounts like wtf) courtesy of my friend, he sent me an old profile picture of mine and I totally forgot about those profiles until early this week. I saw an album with photos of my dead pets (tragic haha). We had two bunnies in the year 2011, Pachi (the white bunny) lived for 7 to 8 months after we got her and Chabelita (the brown bunny) lived for about a year or more probably. We keep them inside their cage during we are asleep or we're out but we let them roam around the house when we're around. While Buddy, our dog for years and years, he had cancer and died last year, November 1st. I think I am only 2-3 years older than him. He is the sweetest dog that we ever had, when we're walking towards our gate, he'll look under the gap and when we open the door gate, he'll wag his tail. 

Yes, I only watch "sort of" free concerts because I have plans you know. I've been saving really really hard because I really want to travel and watch festivals overseas like Lollapalooza and Glastonbury fest then I can watch multiple bands. Concerts here in the Philippines are really pricey which can range from 8,000php - 15,000php (VIP) per band, while in festivals overseas, I've searched online that a Glastonbury ticket retails for only 225gbp (probably 17,000php) and Lollapalooza tickets for 395usd (probably 18,000php) I can save tons of money and spend it on side trips to other cities. My college friends and I went out to see Sheppard live in Mall of Asia last Tuesday, August 11, right after our midterms in Ecology haha. I can't stop stalking Jay on social media. Please help me, I'm still suffering from PCD haha. Sheppard's actually the second international band that I've seen played live next to The 1975 last year. I'm looking forward to watch Walk The Moon on Thursday!

For the longest time already, I've been planning to get these jelly sandals from the department store and everything's just getting in the way like school fees, I have to buy gifts for my friends, I am too lazy to get up and get ready... basically every stupid reason that I can come up with. My dupe birkentock that I always wear to uni broke and I need an open-sandal because I can't wear boots nor heels nor sneakers to uni because 1. It's hot as hell in our room which makes me feel uncomfortable, 2. We're on the fourth floor, imagine walking up the stairs on heels/wedge, 3. The weather's unpredictable, one day it's sunny and then moments later it's raining. I don't want to ruin my shoes. 

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