The month of August's filled with a lot of music concerts, Imagine Dragons, Zedd, Ariana Grande, Echosmith, Cody Simpson, All Time Low, The Maine, Sheppard and Walk The Moon to name a few. But you know me, I don't want to spend thousands of money since I'm still on college haha. Thankfully Ayala malls sponsored Walk The Moon and Nescafe + SM malls sponsored Sheppard to do shows here. 

Sheppard's concert was on the 11th of August, it was a Tuesday and we had a midterm in Ecology but that didn't stop us from going. Not gonna lie, I have memorized more songs than Ecology terms haha. The print ad said that the show will begin at 6 in the evening and we got dismissed at 1 in the afternoon, to kill time, we went to our friend's house in Pasay. We still arrived early so got front row haha. 

Guji Lorenzana started his set around 6 o'clock and lasted for about 1 and a half hour. We waited for a bit and Sheppard started their set at 8 o'clock, I am sooooo so glad that they've played all of their songs. 

I was really stunned by the energy they have when performing even though sweat is all over them. Some of my favorite songs are Halfway to Hell, A Grade Playa and Find Someone. I didn't had any expectation from them but I was really blown away. 

Our "banners" haha, we made these on my iPad haha, if you know the reference, here's a virtual highfive haha. 

Walk The Moon's concert was on the 20th of August, it was a Thursday and I don't have classes every Thursdays and the venue is like 10 minutes away from our house. I've been a fan for a long time already and I've first stumbled upon them years ago when I was scrolling through 3eme Gauche's videos on Youtube where they've performed Anna Sun. Ever since I've played their songs on loop.

I was really disappointed because they only played like 10 songs and didn't perform most of my favorite songs: Down in The Dumps, Spend You $$$, I Can Lift a Car, Quesadilla and Next in Line. But I think they did perform it in the other malls. Nonetheless, yet again, I experienced a surreal moment. KRay's hips thoughhhhhh. <3 

Note: I am not depressed in any way hahah, I love and enjoy life (hashtag-yolo). :)))

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