It will be my blog's 3rd birthday today and I still cannot believe how fast time can be sometimes. Looking back at my wrap-up posts from years 2013 and 2014 got me thinking how huge of a change I have been through physically, emotionally and mentally. I read my 2014 wrap up post and I was surprised how I have managed to use my words there. Everything seems to make sense until we reached the second half of 2015, I somehow lost inspiration and went on a creative-block and blog-identity crisis. I lost interest on writing, photography, reading and mainly blogging; I am trying my best to be on track again. 

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In 2016, I pledge to read more novels, watch more British movies, listen to newer songs, walk and jog more, start educating myself about photography by watching tutorials on Youtube, and take more photos and videos, start a Youtube channel and don't stop putting up contents. The reason I post these kind of things on the internet space is because it serves as an online portfolio and I can look back at old posts so I can criticize myself how far I have come and how much has change on my creative side and my personality. 

Some says practice makes perfect, I say practice makes you better. I am graduating 2 years from now and I don't want to be one of those people who says "What now", "Existential crisis starts today" and etc. I want to have a good job right after college, that's why this blog serves another purpose; I need my multimedia skills to evolve because in advertising and public relation world, you'll never run out of projects if you know how to do multimedia editing stuffs. Which mean more projects - more income to fund my plans which I will post soon.

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Two years in the making, I am now completing my 2014 wishlist haha, I now have a Windows 8 laptop, an iPad mini, flat black boots (I scored a lot on H&M) and finally got my DSLR last December 30; It feels so nice to finally get the things you want with your own savings. 

It was an amazing year for me when it comes to music because I went to not one but two free concerts. I went to Sheppard's show last August 11th and Walk The Moon's show last August 20th with my friends, we were pretty stoked and ecstatic. Pretty much can't believe that we were on front row and the international bands were playing in front of us. It was a really surreal experience. Though I really wanted to go to the other bands' concerts, I really have to narrow down my priorities. 

I also started to collect some music albums, still, items on sale. It may be an understatement, but the music sounds 2814908302139 times better than on Spotify and Youtube. I would love to have a record player but the price is not just that practical and vinyl records costs 2 to 4 times the price of an album cd on regular price. 

I also checked out my older playlists on Spotify and I realized that I am listening to the same tunes over and over again for months now. I really need some new suggestions, I would really really appreciate you commenting down some suggestions down below.

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For travelling, believe it or not, I rode my first red-eye flight last March 6 to Boracay Island. Literally a red-eye flight because I flew with an almost cured sore eyes. I listened to Chvrches' The Bones of What You Believe tracks on a 40-minute flight. I am turning 18 next year and hopefully my parents can allow me to travel alone because you know, wanderlust. hahah (that's the most hipster of me coming out) 

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