On my A Look Back at 2015 post, I pledged to be more organized, do the things I used to do all the time and basically get on track again. I promised you that I'll do a post about my 2-year plan which will start this year. The reason why I chose to do a plan for 2 years is that in two years, I'll be graduating college and some says "real life" starts after college. I do not want to be one of those people who will experience "existential crisis" like asking yourself what is the meaning of life now that you finished elementary school, highschool, and college. 

Two years ago I did a 21 Before 21 post; so far, I have accomplished 2 out of 21. I think I would be able to cross out most of the numbers right after I've finished college but I am persistent to do all of it as soon as possible. It's new year and here's a list of some resolutions, mostly goals. 

Continue the little business you have. 
If you haven't seen it, I opened a shop on Instagram named Foxtrench. Currently running low on stocks right now but new designs and restock will be up probably next week. Most of the things that I listed on my 21 before 21 need money, of course, if I want reach my goals, I have to work hard for it because I am not a trust fund baby haha. 

Study well, keep your scholarship.
Again, all about money. Scholarships are super duper helpful and I am really lucky to be grant one. 

Never stop learning. 
You'll know how much better it feels to be a more educated person. Try to read more novels and watch more British movies to help you expand your vocabulary. Watch Youtube tutorials about maths and sciences now that you don't have subjects like them on uni, it will help you refresh all the knowledge haha (Khan Academy is always a good channel for these kinda things haha).

Plan more plans (achievable and realistic plans) and set deadlines. 
Plan travel trips as early as today so you'll stay motivated to save money and resist temptations aka markdown sales. 

Save money (like a lot of money).
I saved a lot of money last year, first week of November up to the last week of December so I can buy myself a DSLR. It's an understatement that it's hard to save money but I think I did well and fine. I just have to bring my own packed lunch when ever I'm at uni, ditch barkada nights and avoid retail theraphy haha. Dear Lois, don't be attracted to H&M's mark down sale and oh so beautiful pieces, you have more than enough shoes and clothes on your closet. When you receive your scholarship allowance and business profit, go straight to the bank, you have bigger plans to accomplish.

Try new perspectives.
Life is too short to be one thing. Appreciate and try all of the things in the world. I'll quote Tadashi from Big Hero 6 - "Shake things up!... ....Look for a new angle!"

Be fit
Not a new year's resolution list without it. Ditch the tricycles/jeeps, walk if you can. Eat healthier and learn to love more the veggies and fruits. Be fit physically and emotionally.  

Be organized.
Make your slightly-pricier planner worth it! The only exception to saving money are notebooks, pens, books and things that will get your shit together. Declutter material things and emotional feelings, throw away things from life that keeps you bothered. 

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