For some reason I've shot this Lookbook for a while now and just decided to edit them and put my context onto it now. It's weird how 2016 is going wayyyyy too fast; January, the "trial month" is over and we are now halfway through February. Honestly, I think I haven't learned that much this semester at Uni even though I have 3 major subjects and a 6-unit accountancy subject because of school related event, suspensions, and what not. Next thing we'll know I'm already graduating. 

I've been sick for 6 days two weeks ago and on my last follow-up check up, I wore this outfit because the doctors and interns at the hospital are worth dressing up for haha. I had an ear infection and fever for those 6 days hence I wasn't able to go to school. What did I do for that 6 days? I marathon-ed movies and series, listened to music and play with the dogs (also went to 3 different hospitals). I wasn't able to sleep for more than 3 hours because the pain is extreme. I only made naps an hour after I drink pain killers and I drink pain killers every 8 hours. I've never been in so much pain like that in my entire life.

The weather here in the Philippines is obnoxiously bipolar, mornings are exceptionally cold, afternoons are however extremely hot. I usually don't dress up whenever I'm in Uni because first of all, who am I trying to please? and second, if I dress up even in this outfit in Uni, I'll probably get some looks from other students because of the impracticality and 3rd of all, you don't want to lure snatchers and pickpockets especially in University belt. I've been a victim once (and hopefully the last time) and I swear it made me the most paranoid I've ever been. 

Moto Jacket - Yoins 
Top - My Basics 
Pants - Style & Co. 
Loafers - Light in The Box

Can't believe that I just recently discovered Oh Wonder and they're going to the Philippines next week for Goodbyves festival. They will be sharing the stage with Chvrches and Passion Pit! Can't believe I'm missing this out! If any of the producers and promoters who are handling Goodvybes fest, please hook me up haha. 

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