I may have changed.

It is so frustrating to find yourself not doing the things you love anymore. Last year, I always find myself reading a new book, watching a movie, taking photographs and doing other creative things; 

I save up for something and once I get it, I will occasionally lose my interest. When I was in sophomore year in highschool, I have managed to save up for a guitar and I lose interest after two months of playing. During freshman year in college, I also save up for a piano, also lose interest within a month. I buy good books and they'll end up on my shelves and I'll buy shoes that will end up inside my closet. Maybe I like to buy/hoard something that I'll end up not using. Remember my blog post hello in which I said that I just need to buy a new camera and I'll post content now and then? Which totally bullshit because that post is 5 months ago and I got my camera 3 months ago and I still don't post content now and then. The bottom line is, I give up easily and madali akong magsawa (I get tired of something easily) as my dad says.

Last year I was really really broke and today I have money to spend because of scholarships and personal savings. Why am I not using the money to make myself even more creative as I was before? I think being broke makes me more creative by using alternative choices. 

I want need to be on the right track again; the girl who loves to read, shoot and have fun. Not the one who loves to sleep and is attached to the bed every time. These realizations are a huge help, I need to be better than I was before. If this article doesn't make sense or confusing, just understand that I'm in a phase (hopefully just a phase) where my mind is finding its peace and is just overflowing with thoughts. I just have to get this out of my head. Also, it's 2 o'clock in the morning. Trying to be on track again with Tumblr because it is filled with inspirations and motivations. It's just overflowing with creative people doing wonderful pieces. Also starting to push myself into reading books again, wish me luck. haha

If you know some tips or if this has happened to you, please let me know how you've come over it.

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