This post has been drafted for more than a month now because I don't know what context to put in. Probably I'll just tell how the day went and squeeze in some "interesting" stories here and there. Now first off, my friends and I went to Intramuros because we have a Rizal subject this semester and our professor required us to go in a tour within Fort Santiago. 

In 17 years of my life, it was my first time to go inside the walled city, which is also the oldest district in Manila. When I was in elementary, my school didn't allow tours and field trips, only then when I transferred to a different school (highschool) I experienced field trips. Our field trips in highschool weren't that educational because most of the time we went to theme parks and marine parks. 

Inside Fort Bonifacio, we met Lucas who is from Czech Republic. My friend, Darwin (the one in black long sleeves) asked him "What brings you here in the Philippines?" and Lucas said "a vacation". Jokingly, my friend told him that it's the plane that brought him here. haha. 

Sorry if the quality of the photos are a bit blurry, my external hard drive messed the quality badly. 

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