One Youtube channel that I've been enjoying a lot is NPR Music, I've mentioned it on my previous post which is my February - March music playlist. I always make sure that I get to check out their tiny desk concerts. Recently they uploaded a show of this duo called PWR BTTM and not gonna lie, the thumbnail is so intriguing I clicked right away and didn't put it on my watched later playlist. The second song that they played is called Dairy Queen and it's just a fun-groovy song which I really really like. Being the stalker-me, I stalked their accounts and love every single thing about them. The music, them being sassy, and the wardrobe. uhhhhh, so goood.  

(Dairy Queen @ 2:44)

I am not sure if it's just me, but I don't like putting dots on top of my letter I-s. The only time I put dots on top is when the letter is found at the end of the word. e.g.: pepperoni (favorite pizza flavor lol) and Loki (Tom Hiddleston duhh). Some people notice it, especially when I do essays for school. 

I wore this outfit some time in February, Also an overdue post, I didn't know what context to put in hence I only got to write and publish it now. I started writing journals last April 1st, it's a thing that I didn't enjoy doing back in elementary and high school days, especially when it's a requirement for English or Filipino class. The thought of someone will actually read my deepest thoughts and feelings about my day and secrets about anything frightens the hell out of me.  Now that I am doing it for myself, I really enjoy writing my thoughts and dreams (I'll share my dreams on another post so stay tuned haha) for the day. I enjoy it so much, a day takes up 3 pages of my journal.  

Dress - CNDirect

Blazer - 6ks.com

Necklace - Foxtrench

Shoes - H&M

Tights - H&M

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