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We are half-way through May already and I only got the energy to write and post about my April 2016 music playlist. Better late than never right? lol.

This month's playlist is a mixture of chill and energetic tunes because I was pretty bipolar last month. I was throwing some weird tantrums to my family members (which they don't deserve) because I was more annoyed than the usual (As my mom would like to refer, may toyo or topak). I basically PMSed (pre-menstrual syndrome-d) most of the days of the month (blaming it all on that time of the month haha). Anyway, here's my Spotify tracklist:

  1. Gold - Kiiara
  2. Soundcheck - Catfish and The Bottlemen
  3. Half The World Away - Aurora
  4. Idfc - Blackbear
  5. American Dream - Miami Horror
  6. Tomorrow - Daughter
  7. Dairy Queen - PWR BTTM
  8. Conqueror - Aurora
  9. Dancing on Glass - St. Lucia
  10. Howlin For You - The Black Keys 
  11. Body Electric - Lana Del Rey
  12. Never Gonna Happen - Lily Allen 
  13. Fools - The Ransom Collective
  14. Fire - Pvris
  15. Still - Daughter 
  16. I Love Kanye - Kanye West
  17. Wild Horses - Birdy
  18. Take Care - Drake ft. Rihanna
  19. Up To You - Echosmith
  20. Don't Threaten Me with a Good Time - Panic! At The Disco
  21. He Wasn't There - Lily Allen
  22. Hopeless Opus - Imagine Dragons

I also recently discovered Dodie Clark, aka doddleoddle on Youtube through PJ Liguori aka KickThePJ, also on Youtube. I watched PJ's video, I Love Youtubers ft. Poopiepie, which is a kinda shady video towards the people who claims they love Youtubers, but in reality, they don't actually know anything about them, even their usernames or real names. lol. I checked out the list of Youtubers he mentioned on the video and found Dodie Clark among the names.

Here are two of the original songs that I love: 

Here are two of the song covers that I love:

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