My mom has been a volunteer caregiver for too the longest time already, we've lost count. It's the orphanage's 80th anniversary and we are allowed to visit the babies and watch a little programme. It's a 3-day event, but I missed the first day because of certain reasons. Here's what went on the second day.

I was laughing at my mom when she said "picturan mo ko, social responsibility." which translates to "take a photo of me, for social responsibility" hahahaha I laughed at her and asked her if she's going to run politically. (Follow me on Snapchat lol shameless plug, LoisBaguio). I spent the rest of the morning with the babies, my mom wasn't on duty so we only got to stay until noon. I am the youngest among my siblings, I never really know how to take care of babies. 

I am an eighteen-year old girl who does not have a clue how to hold a baby. Is that normal? Please tell me I'm not the only one. I only have two godchildren, I've never carried them even on their christening photo-ops. I've always been afraid that I'd break them because they are so fragile. As much as I love babies/kids, I only like hanging around with babies ages 1 to 3 years old. The reasons is, that 0-11 month old babies are fragile, I can't really play with them and 4-12 year old kids have a mind of their own, usually in their naughtiest phase (some kids). I work hard to keep patient and understanding for kids who are naughty but when they throw some tantrums, I just lose it. 

Even though I will still see them tomorrow, I want to spend as much time with my mom's babies (the ones she takes care of) because there is a huge probability that I won't be able to see them because they will be transferred to another ward or will be adopted in the next few months. The next time I'll be visiting the orphanage is some time in December. 

We also saw this insanely adorable cat on the pasilio who seems to love the camera. I decided to go for an outfit that I'd be at ease. I also asked my mom for a nail cutter because my nails are too long and I was worried that I'd accidentally pinched or scratch the babies. 

Flannel - Night Market 

Jeans - Extreme via SM Department Store

Charmed Bracelet - Soufeel
Link Bracelet - was a gift

Backpack - Parisian via SM Department Store

Shoes - H&M

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