It was the 3rd and last day of the orphanage's 80th founding anniversary, and it was my 2nd day attending the event (read all about my 1st day here). Mom's on duty (my mom is a volunteer caregiver) so I accompanied and helped her inside their ward. 

18 babies, 2 caregivers. So you think taking care of one baby is hard? Imagine the horror of my mom and another caregiver on night shift, every single baby crying because of thunders and lightnings. 

My mom laughed at me because apparently, I was holding Francis (1st photo, left side) the wrong way. She told me he's too old to be held like that haha. 

It's the children's brunch time when I arrived so I helped my mom feed the babies. There were leftovers so mom told me to feed Paolo (middle photo, right side) another round. I was laughing hard because his jam was on the radio, he was dancing while I was feeding him. We took the photo right after they ate so Paolo's tummy is obviously bulging haha such a cutie. 

When it was time to go home, few steps away from the door, Aljo (3rd photo, left side) started to cry, I went towards his crib, kissed him goodbye and told him this wouldn't be the last time we'll meet. 

Sweater - Thrifted 

Jeans - Extreme via SM Department Store

Charmed Bracelet - Soufeel
Link Bracelet - was a gift

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