Dinalupihan, Bataan | May 2016


Well, this post took definitely longer than I thought. Here's a short story how I end up in Bataan, according to my journal haha.

May 10, 2016
Whilst we were having our brunch, my tito (uncle) called my dad via phone and asked him if we would like to go with them to Bataan. Upon hearing Bataan, without any second thoughts, I said I want to go. I've never been to Bataan before and I'd love to explore more of my homecountry more this year and the next few years before saving up and go to other countries. Unfortunately, my mom, dad, and sister can't go because of such reasons. Which leaves me and my brother, the only one available to go.

My tita (aunt) called my dad via phone again and asked if we are still going to go. My brother bailed because it's late in the evening (probably 11pm) and we need to pack that night because we need to go our grandmother's place in QC before 8am, long story short, he got lazy. Turns out I am the only one from our family going there.

Thank God I made a "what-to-bring-when-travelling list" in preparation for our Cebu-Bohol escapade on January (sobrang excited, 8 months pa bibilangin, prepared na lol), hence it was easier to pack.

My tita called again and told me that I should be on my lola's place before 6am; I told her that it is fine. I finished packing and transferred some Faking It episodes on my phone so whenever I'm bored, I'll just watch some eps.

May 11, 2016
It's an hour at least from home to my lola's place;  I rode a bus and waited for a jeepney that never arrived haha. I waited for a ride for a good 15 minutes in front of a closed gasoline station. Normally I'll wait for a ride where there are security guards near but most establishments aren't open yet so my fingers were crossed, hoping nothing scary happens. I got bored and decided to walk a full kilometer instead; even though sweat beads are dropping everywhere, I didn't feel tired because the sunrise was just amazing to watch (see photo above, from Snapchat, #nofilter). 

I got a little bit dizzy, I decided to sleep most of the trip to Bataan. Thank God the car was spacious, I got the back seat all to myself (hence the selfie haha). 

Two and a half hours later, we've reached Pampanga and we picked up two of my cousins who live there. Another two hours again, we've finally reached our tita's place in Dinalupihan, Bataan. 

I ordered a remote trigger and macro + wide angle lens for my dslr a while back in preparation for our Ilocos trip, the arrival of the item was scheduled 1 month after I purchased it from Lazada but luckily, I received it two weeks earlier. I was contemplating at first if I should go and purchase it off of Lazada because some bad reviews. I got the remote for only 300 pesos (estimated) and the lens bundle for only 700 pesos (estimated). Some say if something looks too good to be true, don't buy it. It was definitely a hit or miss, but I am glad I took the risk. I am might do a review of the macro + wide angle lens or just a photodump post featuring photos I shot using the lenses. 

The original plan was to stay overnight at my tita's place but el nino was hitting the place really hard, the water pressure from the mountain won't cut it. It's almost 11:30 and the pool is not even a-tenth filled. My other tito planned to just go to a beach near the place. 

Stay tuned for part 2, Bagac Batanes. :)

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