Boracay de Cavite


A week right after my Bataan trip with my family, I decided to accompany my mom here at Cavite's Katungkulan beach, also known as Boracay de Cavite. It is a beach inside a marine base (Katungkulan translates to duty, obligation, responsibility which for me, totally relates to marine lol). 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

My mom and I woke up around 3 in the morning, and took off around 4:00 am to meet up with my mom's coworkers. We left Manila just about sunrise, I slept mostly during the trip haha. It took about 2 hours when we reached Cavite, we were escorted by Ternate police (they were contacted beforehand, I suggest you do the same, also, another thing is that there is no public transportation available going to and out of the base) since nobody knows how to get there. We finally reached the base an hour after (9:00am). Going there, you have to go uphill and go down again, the scenery was pretty and you'll see marine soldiers training and monkeys everywhere haha. 

We were welcomed by these pigs/boars, the officers told us to vacate the vehicle because they have to inspect the car. We then proceed to go to the beach proper.

The entrance fee is 100 pesos per person for a day pass, 200 pesos per person for those who will stay overnight. They also offer cottages for 350 to 450 pesos and rooms for 700 pesos (via prior reservation). The parking fee is 50 pesos for a day and 100 pesos overnight. You can bring your own tent; it is not prohibited. 

Even though it is called Boracay de Cavite, the beauty of the real Boracay is incomparable. I have been to Boracay and it has clear waters and fine white sand while in Katungkulan beach, the sand is in no way near white, it is gray, the water is also not clear. Though if you compare Katungkulan beach to other beaches near Manila, it is one of the nicest beaches. 

I suggest you climb up these stairs (located at the left side of the mineral water station), we were hesitant at first, but my mom asked the soldier near the mineral water station what is up there and the soldier said that there's a hospital, parking, and a helipad up there. 

The view up there was worth the pain of going up haha.

Of all the beaches near Manila that I have visited, without any doubts, this beach is one of the nicest beaches. The second photo is the beach on the right side of the cliff, it is not open to the public. I wasn't able to take an aerial shot of the public beach though. 

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