Hi, I’m Lois Baguio, I am just a teenager in college, taking Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and Public Relations in Manila, Philippines. I am both idealistic and realistic, I have a very fertile imagination, which contributes in a large part to address the dissatisfaction that I feel in my life (I know, it sucks). My organizational skills, necessary to achieve my goals and put my interests into practice. I started blogging reblogging at Tumblr when I was 13 and started blogging at Blogger when I was 15.

I am highly fascinated by British musicians and American TV series, also love all things European and constantly daydreaming about living in Germany or Netherlands – or to just travel the world non-stop. Tempted by travel, adventure and pleasures of all kinds, I enjoy nature and all that is natural, animals and countrysides. I have two dogs, Max (a Philippine native dog) and Burrito (a German Shepherd). I loathe raisins, peas and has a love-hate relationship with summer because as much as I love to going beaches and taking photos of the sea, sunsets and palm trees, I hate the heat and the idea of sweating so much.

My blog, Young Blood, is all about sharing my takes on fashion, style and living. If you love aesthetic minimalism, cold-toned photos, and edgy style, you'll feel at home here. If you want to read some of my series, there's a portion on my sidebar named "categories". Take your time x

send me questions: loisnicolebaguio@yahoo.com 
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